Humitech – manufacturers of the Biosmart family of filters!

Company Information

Humitech (UK) Ltd. is an environmental company specialising in “Humidity and “Bacterial” control for the refrigeration industry. Using a 100% natural and environmentally safe blend of minerals, Humitech is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the Biosmart family of filters.

The unique biosmart natural filter technology when placed in the fridge allows the absorption of excess moisture (humidity) in the fridge. In addition it also allows the subsequent release of this moisture back into the fridge when it becomes too dry.

This in turn allows the filter to regulate and control” the relative humidity inside the fridge for the perfect storage of fresh food. In addition biosmart filters are now engineered to kill off Staphylococcus & E.Coli should they come into contact with the filters.

The mineral inside the filter has been constantly refined and analysed over the years and is now made up of a mix of pure natural minerals and this exclusive combination is the reason for the superb performance of our range of biosmart filters. The current family of Biosmart filters are all engineered to be anti-bacterial for life together with an outstanding capacity to remove excess moisture, kill off mould and mildew, control odours whilst at the same time preserving all the fresh foodstuff. It has taken many laboratory tests and literally tens of thousands of trials to perfect our unique range of biosmart filters.

Our biosmart filters create an amazing range of benefits when placed in any fridge and this together with the service delivered from each Humitech franchisee is a truly fantastic addition to any Kitchen. Nobody knows more about the typical walk-in cold room or under counter fridge than our employees. Working within the franchise network we have access to our own fridge engineers, HACCP officer and chef’s so we can bring together a full range of expertise to any kitchen whatever the problem or questions we may face. Whether its a problem with food storage, HACCP requirements or engineering, Humitech has the answers and can help you with answers to find the right solution.

Humitech Biosmart filters create many amazing economic benefits:

  1. Kills over 85% of all airborne bacteria and 100% of moulds inside the fridge.
  2. Lowers the running costs of your walk-in fridge by 20-30%.
  3. Extends fresh food shelf life by minimum 50-200%.
  4. Reduces and eliminates large annual fridge maintenance bills.
  5. Drastically reduces the chances of cross contamination of foodstuffs.
  6. Eliminates foul odours from the fridges.
  7. Improves fridge temperature recovery times by 50%.
  8. Keeps fresh food safe up to 12 hours in the event of a power cut.

The Humitech Biosmart family of filters and related products are exclusive to Humitech (UK) Ltd and they are laboratory tested and certified but are only available through the Humitech’s exclusive franchise network.