Biosmart For the “coolest” most “efficient” fridges in the World

Humitech Products

Humitech (UK) Ltd is proud to be associated with a product and service that offers so many benefits to its individual customers, to the refrigeration industry in general and to the wider environment for the benefit of all mankind.

Humidity & Bacterial Control

The Humitech product consists of a family of Biosmart “Humidity” and “Bacterial” control filters. Humitech biosmart filters are combined with a unique service model to create just about the perfect “natural” solution for the food storage industry. Our biosmart filters have proven themselves giving truly impressive results in the following categories “Energy Saving, “Fresh Food Life Extension” and “Food Safety”.


Our biosmart family of filters are based on an exclusive proprietary blend of 100% natural and environmentally friendly minerals. Manufactured exclusively by Humitech (UK) our biosmart filters are laboratory certified and proven to remove over 80% of all airborne bacteria in the average walk-in fridge. Humitech biosmart filters also save a great deal of energy in every fridge. In the most recent tests we have demonstrated actual savings as high as 36% under certain conditions.

In addition our biosmart filters improve fridge temperature recovery time by 50%, and in many cases totally eliminate large fridge maintenance bills.

Humitech Biosmart filters are exclusive to Humitech and there is no other product with more test certification or satisfied customers around the world today. Humitech biosmart filters have no moving parts, do not need batteries, take nothing from the environment, have no waste and are recycled with no by product or adverse effect on the environment.