Juan Acosta

Chef Ejecutive, Hotel Barceló Marbella Golf

In the tests, we have noticed a positive improvement in the humidity of our refrigerators better functioning of our compressors, and an improvement in the shelf life of all our produce. A real advantage for improving the shelf life of the produce and the life of the machinery.

When Humitech presented this product to me it sounded like a sales gimmick to me. After only a few days I was very surprised that a few bags of mineral could improve the quality and performance of my cold-storage rooms. The temperature and odours and particularly the life of the produce has improved greatly.

Thank you for helping me to improve my kitchen.

Jose Luis Langarica

Chef Ejecutive, Hotel Gran Meliá Don Pepe, Marbella

Excellent, it keeps the fridge colder, there is no dampness, nor excess humidity down in the cold-storage rooms.

Juan Galvez

Chef Ejecutive, Hotel Marbella Club, Marbella

A few months ago when I was offered the services of Humitech, I must say that my first impression was negative, I thought that it was another sales gimmick. However they convinced me to try it after they made a presentation of the benefits to me. After a few months I must say that the results could not be better. Bad smells have been eliminated, the machinery works better and most importantly the products are fresher and healthier. Consequently I am very satisfied, thank you very much.

Simon Padilla

Cheif Executive, Hotel Puente Romano, Marbella

The product is good and improves the performance of the cold-storage rooms and freezers. The product is lasting longer, and it also diminishes the formation of fungi.

Sebastian Conejo

Chef Ejecutive, Gran Hotel Guadalpin, Marbella

An important improvement is observed by this system in the cold-storage rooms. Smells are eliminated, the produce is staying fresh longer especially the fruit. The refrigerators are cleaner, the floor and the walls remain dry. It has lowered the temperature more than 2 degrees with the consequent saving of energy. It is clean, easy and does not require any work. Definitively the refrigerators are better and the produce is much improved undoubtedly it is an advisable improvement.

Juan Rueda

Principal Chef, Hotel Andalucia Plaza, Marbella

Initially I was a little sceptical, but two weeks after the filters were installed there were changes in all my fridges. The vegetables remain fresher for much longer. The meat also remains better. The freezer is 100% perfect.

The filters work perfectly, I would encourage the whole world to use it.

Jose A Almuedo

Principal Chef, Hotel Cala Font, Salou

The Humitech filters are giving us excellent results. We have noticed from the first day that we save energy and we are improving the quality of our products. We are very satisfied with Humitech.

Jose Gil

Chief of maintenance, Hotel Sol Costa Dourada, Salou

During the period in which the Humitech filters have been installed in our facilities we have noticed a decrease of temperature, less moisture and a reduction in odours. Its a pleasure to have Humitech filters in our facilities.

Angel Bueno

Principal Chef, Hotel Estival Park, Salou

I have used the product for 2 weeks and have noticed an improvement in the meat shrinkage, All the foul odours are gone, there is no smell from the meat, the fish nor the onions. I am very satisfied with the product since it requires no maintenance.

Manel Navarro

Chef Principal, La bota Restaurant, Tarragona

Personally I did not believe in this type of product, but after four days we have noticed that the smells have disappeared, also we have noticed a decrease of the temperature. We can testify that the Humitech filters have improved the performance of ours refrigerators and lengthened the life of the produce.