Rockwell Science Centre Laboratory

California U.S.A

The mineral is able to absorb/desorb up to 48% of its own weight in water. The favorable results of these experiments indicate that this mineral will reduce odours, energy and maintenance costs of operating the refrigerator units by controlling humidity.

The Department of Health & Human services


Meets and exceeds all criteria. It is durable and functions as advertised. It is easily removed and cleanable. It is non-corroding and non-toxic. The system is acceptable to our office.

U.S. Government Dept of Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Head Chef, le Pont de la Tour (Conran Group)

In view of the fact that Humitech panels exude no fumes and are lightweight we have no recourse but to state the Humitech panels possess no safety or health hazards. We are impressed with the high quality and potential of this unit in improving our way of life and wish you well.

The US. Dept of Agriculture Food Safety & Inspection Services

The Humitech Humidity Control system equipment may be used in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. It creates no adverse conditions or safety hazards.

JCS Technology Lab Weston

Super-Mare UK

After testing the Humitech panel in excess of 400 hours in the laboratory, JCS Technology have found that the mineral will absorb up to 60% of its own weight in moisture and is also capable of desorbing moisture, which in turn will regulate and control the relative humidity in the region of 80-85%.

Automated Test Labs Philadelphia U.S.A.

Test No. 2000019

The first phase of the testing provided evidence that the panels provide consistent energy saving over time. The effects on the refrigerator box’s sensible temperature were interesting. The average temperature in both experiments dropped when the panels were installed.

Dept of Geology

University of South Florida

Over 2,300 hours of experiments were conducted on this material and Sorbite is predominately a silica rich amorphous material. This material is a very good absorber of Moisture, Mildew, Ethylene gas, Bacteria and other chemicals. It is 100% natural, nontoxic and can safely be used around food, it can also be safely ingested (not recommended).

Executive Chef Yvonnick Lalle

Morton’s Mayfair, London

I am saving in excess of £200 per week on herbs alone. The maintenance bill has been drastically reduced. He spent £20,000 two ago on his refrigeration, within 2 weeks his fridges were wet again. Since Humitech filters were introduced 8 months ago, all the water has gone and he has spent nothing on maintenance.

Red salads in particular went black at the edges after a short time in the fridge, now they are perfect after one week. Temperature recovery in the fridges is much superior and they are holding a much better temperature.

The under counters were cleaned every day, since the filters were installed they now require cleaning only every 3 days. Fillet Steaks 50% reduction in trimming, 7-10% weight increase after cooking. Before the filters a 200g steak weighed approximately 180g after cooking.

After filters a 200g steak weighs 190g – 195g after cooking the steak is much more tender and can stay in the fridge for 21 days without losing colour and they retain proteins, lipids and mineral salt.