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Shane Osborn

Chef / Owner of the acclaimed Pied a Terre, London

I think this product is a break- through; it’s one of those wonder products that do everything.

It’s good for the environment, good for the fridge and good for the food.

James Walker

Head Chef, le Pont de la Tour (Conran Group)

They are fantastic, really fantastic. I’m amazed at the difference they’ve made to the temperatures in my fridges.

Antonin Bonnet

Executive Chef, The Greenhouse, Restaurant, London

The Filters have made a big difference to me. No more smells, no more condensation and the ice on the evaporator has completely gone. Can you see a friend of mine; he should really have these in his fridges as soon as possible.

Yvonnick Lalle

Executive Chef, Mortons, London

We are saving over £200 per month in fresh herbs and the quality of my
meat couldn’t be better, less trimming, improved cook weight and colour. I
don’t just recommend these filters I think they should be in every fridge


Executive Chef, The Greenhouse, Restaurant, London

How on Earth do these filters work, I can’t believe the difference in my refrigeration. As you know we are a steak house and we keep large trays of prepared meat in the fridge. Normally these trays are swimming in blood, however since the filters were installed the blood and juices are now staying in the meat, providing me with a better product. The filters have also removed all odours from our refrigeration. We will be opening a number of new restaurants in the coming years throughout the UK and Ireland and your filters will be specified in all fridges.

Robin Reed

Executive Chef, Refuel at The Soho Hotel, London

It’s nice to have consistent temperatures at last and a big relief to know that, we have no concerns about the temperature going up too high any more. The salads and herbs especially are holding better.

Daniel Berhanu

Head Chef, The Sheraton Belgravia, London

At first I couldn’t believe this would work, but I was so surprised and now I love it. Herbs, salads, berries etc, are all lasting so much longer.

Phil Clarke

Executive Chef, Copthorne, Tara Hotel, Kensington, London

What it has done for the humidity in my fridges is truly amazing, they’re all perfect now and the condensation problem in the prep fridge has completely gone. All our delicate foods – soft fruits, herbs, cresses etc, are all staying fresh much longer, I’m really pleased with the difference.

Hugh Hodgins

Chief Engineer, Marriott Grosvenor Square, London

Humitech provide a great product that saves energy and enhances refrigerated food quality. The units pay for themselves in saved energy costs alone. I have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone in the Marriott group of hotels.

Steve Atkins

Owner / Chef , The Trenchmans, London

Even in our wine fridge the temperature drop was amazing, and the door never closes.

Jerome Tauvron

Executive Chef, L’Etranger and Beauberry House, London

This is something that I would definitely recommend to other chefs who care about their food. I am particularly fussy about odours and the filters have made a huge difference.

Andrew McLeish

Executive Chef, Chapter One, London

Since the Filters were installed the temperature in our fridges has stopped fluctuating and stayed consistently lower and the odours are now non-existent.

Dasos Charalambous

Executive Chef, Ferrari’s Group, South East

I’ve never known my walk-ins to keep such low temperatures since the Filters were brought in. All my food is definitely staying fresher longer, these should be used everywhere.

Major Lomas

Army Food Services H.Q. London District

I must admit, we were sceptical at first, but all the chefs at the barracks have been really impressed with the quality of the food. We can see a number of applications for the M.O.D.

Alan Bell

Executive Chef, Copthorne Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne

Our walk-ins are much colder and fresher, all our food is lasting longer, we are very happy with the panels.

Shaun Hewitt

Head Chef, Charleys Restaurant, Newcastle upon Tyne

We are delighted with the Humitech panels; we have very little waste now. I would recommend them to any chef.

Steve Winter

Head Chef, Michaelangelos Restaurant, Ryton, Tyne & Wear

Since the panels have been installed our produce has stayed much fresher and there has been a lot less wastage.

Jim Hoskin

Head Chef, Caledonian Hotel, Jesmond, Newcastle upon – Tyne

The fridges are a lot fresher and are better at maintaining the correct temperature. The produce is lasting longer and I have recommended Humitech to our hotel group.

Malcolm Brown

Head Chef, Mansion House, Newcastle upon Tyne

My fridge is much fresher and my produce is lasting a lot longer.

Phil Hall

Head Chef, Matfen Hall Country House Hotel, Northumberland

The odours have virtually disappeared from my fridge, and the conditions are a lot better since the panels were installed.

Ted Kaushik

Head Chef, Jurys Inn, Newcastle upon Tyne

I have recommended Humitech to all my colleagues within our hotel group.

Fred Brazier

Head Chef, Novotel, Newcastle upon Tyne

The Humitech Panels have greatly improved the conditions in my fridges since their installation.

Nick Taunton

Head Chef, Pastarazzi Ristorante, Chester

All the produce in the walk-ins stays at it’s best for so much longer. Wastage has been significantly reduced. Excellent!

Ian Derbyshire

Head Chef, Brasserie 10/16, Chester

I’m really pleased with the Humitech Filters. The fish is staying perfect for appreciably longer.

Gordon Campbell

Executive Chef, Nunsmere Hall Hotel

A fantastic product! I would have no hesitation recommending Humitech Filters to any chef.

Tony Hughes

Executive Chef, La Mon Country House Hotel

In today’s kitchen the Humitech Panel is not a luxury it is a necessity, if you care about food and want to save on energy costs.

Derek Creagh

Head Chef, Deanes Restaurant, Belfast

The fall in temperature together with the produce remaining at its best longer, makes Humitech Panels a very cool addition to my walk-in.

Liam McLieve

Executive Chef, Ramada Hotel

My food operation in the Ramada is quite substantial, and I Have fund Humitech has reduced wastage and increased the shelf life of all produce throughout the seven fridges the panels are in. Productivity is at an all time high and wastage at an all time low.

Gary Graham

Head Chef, Benedicts of Belfast

The panels have achieved everything that I was promised and more. I would have no hesitation in recommending Humitech Panels to any fellow chef.

Edward Clooney

Executive Chef, The Merrion Hotel, Dublin

The first thing I noticed was the drop in temperature after the panels were installed. I then could not believe how much longer the perishables were staying in peak condition. I would strongly recommend Humitech.

Gina Giubarelli

Bellini Restaurant, Edinburgh

From a business perspective, the monthly cost of the system easily pays for what would normally be thrown out as wastage; our savings have increased even more during quieter periods when fresh produce may be left on the shelf for longer.

Sean McCann

Head Chef, Shanks Restaurant, Bango

Within 48 hours the difference the panels made in our walk-in was very noticeable. The panels are now an essential piece of kitchen equipment.

Paul Hildreth

Head Chef, Wainstones Hotel, Great Broughton

We have seen an improvement in all of our fridges.

Martin Hughes

Head Chef, McGeowns of Glenavy

I was very sceptical at first, but took the filters on the trial period. I could not believe how well they worked. The fridge is now cooler, there are no smells and the perishables are most definitely lasting longer.

Anthony Ely

Head Chef, The Clarence, Dublin

There is no doubt the filters have been a great success and are making a big difference in our fridges.

Fred Cordonnier

Head Chef, Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, Dublin

We have noticed a huge difference, since the filters were installed. Especially in the raw meat fridge, where excess humidity was affecting the produce, it is now perfect.

Craig Dunn

Head Chef, Langs Hotel, Glasgow

While I have always maintained my fridges to the highest standards, I did indeed notice an increase in the shelf life of my stored fresh food and that my units were both fresher and drier. I would recommend the panels to anyone who cares about the quality of the food they serve.

Dean Butler

Head Chef, Malone Lodge Hotel, Belfast

There is no doubt that my walk-in is definitely a lot cooler. I have noticed all my produce, especially my vegetables and herbs are lasting so much longer.

Paul Cartwright

Head Chef, Roly’s Bistro, Ballsbridge, Dublin

The filters have achieved everything that I was promised and more. I cannot understand why any chef who cares about the quality of food would not want these filters in their fridges.

Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts

My kitchen staff old me that my cooler has no smell and I have noticed my lettuce and fruit are crisper down the middle. I am actually saving money in my kitchen because I am not throwing away as much food as before.

Christina Duguid

Head Pastry Chef, Marriott Grosvenor Square, London

We had a problem with condensation on our home made chocolate, but since the Humitech Filters have been installed our sweets are now perfect. I am also amazed at how much longer our soft fruit and other perishables are staying fresh.

TGI Fridays

Humitech have established an odour free fresh smell throughout my entire cooler system. I would recommend this service to everyone in the food industry. I truly believe in the product and will continue to use it regularly.

Charles Dorner

Owner, The Ingleside Hotel, Mundesley, Norfolk

Since using the Humitech System, I have found that the condensation (even in the worst fridge) has been completely eliminated along with the ice build-up problem in the hardest working bar fridges. All odours were eliminated from the kitchen fridges and condensation and general moisture build-up has stopped completely. This product comes highly recommended.

Mark Hazell

Head Chef, University Arms, Cambridge

I have noticed within the large walk-in fridge, soft fruit and herbs lasting longer. The smell in the meat and fish fridge has disappeared. The temperatures are staying at a more constant running temperature.

Jason Burridge

Head Chef, Duxford Lodge, Duxford, Cambridgeshire

Since using Humitech Filters we have noticed the freshness of the food is better and there is less waste. Fish is lasting longer.


Patisserie Chef, The Links Country Park Hotel, West Runton, Norfolk

Since using Humitech Filters I have noticed that all my sweets keep crisp, fresh and bright looking. If any sweets hang around for longer than expected I don’t have to trim quite as much as normal. Over all I feel it is money well spent.

Chris Hyde

Head Chef, White Horse Hotel, Blakeney, Norfolk

Since installing Humitech Filters I’ve noticed my fridges are running much cooler, food is staying fresher and keeping longer. One of my fridges used to ice up badly, now it does not.

Michael Channell

Owner, Histon Produce, Cambridgeshire

Since testing Humitech Filters we have seen the fridge is cleaner and fresher. We have also noticed a difference in the freshness of the produce. The digital gauge showed our compressor units are running more constant which can only increase the life of our equipment and provide energy saving.

Mr. N.C. Watson

Director, Neils (Produce) Limited, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

We are pleased to advise you that we are very satisfied with the filters installed in our cold stores supplied by Humitech of Peterborough. They have made a significant difference by keeping produce fresh and reductions on our electricity.


Chris Doyle

Head Chef, Oliver Cromwell Hotel Cambridgeshire

At first I was very dubious about Humitech Filters, but now after 3 months in use I can confirm that they are worth every penny. They save our electricity and prolong the life of most products b at least 25%. I would recommend them to anyone.

Miles Holtby

Head of Catering, The Asian and Oriental School of Catering

We have been using Humitech Humidity control products in both our fridge and freezer since May 2006. We have noticed considerable improvement in vegetables, fruits and dairy products keeping for longer and the defrost cycles are greatly reduced in the freezer. There is also much less frost build up on the frozen products and we require less maintenance than previously. Use of the Humitech Filters has reduced our energy bills and over time these these savings have more than paid for the filters. Asa partner with the London sustainability exchange in a project to make London a greener and more environmentally friendly city, I would recommend the Humitech products both for increased shelf life and for savings in energy costs.


Neil Grice BA (Hons)

The Mill Hotel Chester Duty Manager

I have been the manager at this hotel for over 19 years and your filters are nothing short of remarkable, I have never seen anything like them. For the first time in my time at the Mill, I have seen the evaporator fans turn off having reached temperature and for the first time it is to cold to stand more than five minutes in the beer cellar.

The cellar temperature was previously running between 13°c and 15°c and struggling, it is now constant at 9°c keeping the beer at about 11°c which is just perfect. I was constantly calling on our maintenance engineers and replacing condensers, I know by the very feel of the cold room and my experience that this will be a thing of the past.

Ice build up on the evaporators was so intense it was actually pulling apart the evaporators casing, the ice has now all gone. As with the independent pipe chiller unit, this was covered in ice, but disappeared within 48 hours.

Kegs can be flash chilled at point of sale, so the cellar temperature is not so important. However cask beer can’t, so for the first time our beer is being served at the perfect temperature.

Finally, the temperature recovery is quite stunning. We clean the cellar weekly and quite honestly it took days to recover. We followed our usual cleaning procedure with the filters installed and the cellar returned to 9°c inside one and a half hours, believe me this is incredible.I would have no hesitation in recommending your product, in fact I already have. Welcome to the Mill Hotel.

Alan Kinsella

Every now and then a piece of equipment will come on the market that will blow me away. The Humitech panel did exactly that. Patrick came to the kitchen and installed the panels free of charge for one month, so I could see the results for myself. After 1 day the biggest change was the smell in the fridge or lack thereof. The other change was the temperture and coolest of the fridge. I was also amazed that produce like lettuce and other things that only have a short shelf life was lasting a lot longer. When Patrick came back he installed the panels in every fridge and the results and shelf life of the produce still amaze me still. Every fridge in the commerical industry should have these filters.

Stuart Hawkins

Head Chef, The Cleveland Tontine (McCoys)

The fruits & salads are lasting much longer in our walk-in and the meat & fish in our under-counters hold there quality for a far greater time– reducing wastage, along with the energy savings means I am happy to recommend Humitech.

David Moss

Chef & Owner, The Wensleydale Heifer, West Witton

Having spent thousands of pounds trying to get a cold room that works I was sceptical that the filters would do anything – but they have done everything you said they would, it now runs at the perfect temperature ALL produce is lasting longer in there, the upright where we keep our fish has seen the same benefits and I know I’m saving money on energy & maintenance.

Howard Archer

Exec. Chef, Middlesbrough FC & Hurworth Training Ground

We put these filters to the test on a match day, previously we would have worked through temperature alarms going off constantly there were none once the filters were in, Humitech is also an easy way for us to reduce our carbon emissions.

Jonathan Harrison

Chef Patron, The Sandpiper, Leyburn

We have seen better humidity conditions in the fridge and lower temperatures, this has had a noticeable effect on the produce.

Darlington College


Prior to the filters being fitted we would have to re-order produce midweek, we don’t now the food lasts longer and this is in fridges more or less brand new.

Lee Stainthorpe

Head Chef, The Morritt Arms Hotel, Greta Bd. Barnard Castle

After an initial trial in one of our walk-ins and 2 of our under-counters we could tell that these would be of benefit, there was a drop in the temperatures and the fridges were much fresher, the energy savings alone and the evident reduction in maintenance made it an easy decision to have them installed in all our fridges.

Mark Robinson

Owner/Head Chef, Shorthorn Inn, Appleton Wiske, Northallerton

We thoroughly tested this product as a team and can confirm that we are satisfied customers, we saw a drop in temperature and were amazed at how long the produce was lasting, there was a massive reduction in odours and the condensation problem we had has been cured by these filters.

Ronnie Batey

Head Chef, Hotel Bannatyne & Maxines Bar, Darlington

The walk-in and the under-counters are a much improved environment for the storage of perishables – quality and freshness for much longer.

Ben Bayat

Owner, Sassari Restaurant, Middlesbrough

The Humitech filters have corrected a problem we had with our under counter fridge which kept freezing – it now runs perfectly.

Martin Lowcock

Owner, Maltby Grange Farm Shop, Maltby

The temperature in the walk-in has dropped by 4 – 5 degrees, this has substantially reduced the amount of time the compressor runs, in fact I don’t know if it did stop running before, this will obviously extend the life of the fridge and reduce my maintenance call-outs and the filters increase the shelf life of our meat and vegetables too!

Bonito Daniels Executive Head Chef

Marriott Regents Park

To Whom It May Concern: In the time we have been using the products from Humitech we have been pleasantly surprised to find the refrigerators are retaining a more constant temperature. Also with this in place our produce stays fresher and the humidity has reduced. We have also noticed a change in the appearance of our meat and fish staying fresh.

Stephan Jouan

Head Chef at The Harbour Heights Hotel, Sandbanks, Poole

The effect of the filters is really amazing on the food. The fridges are now perfect and holding better temperatures during service. I was particularly delighted with the effect on our pastry, meats, herbs and vegetables. We also have the filters in our wine cellar as they stop problems with corkage.

Lee Bishop

Head Chef at West Beach Restaurant, Pier Approach, Bournemouth

Our undercounter fish fridge is colder and has shown a huge reduction in the odours now we are using the filters. Our walk in fridge has shown a huge improvement in the temperature recovery time and is colder than before.

Ben Manners

Head Chef at Landmarc, Bournemouth (Now Executive Chef at The Watermargin in Bournemouth)

The food is staying in perfect condition for longer especially mushrooms, herbs, berries and vegetables. The conditions inside my fridges are brilliant – no moisture, no ice and a great temperature recovery time. I was a little sceptical at first, but I was really pleased when everything I was told happened on the free trial.

Adam Bartlett

Head Chef at Jimmys, Poole Hill, Bournemouth

I was really pleased with the filters and the free trial. We are always being approached by companies with different products and the claims made by Humitech were really bold, but I wasn’t disappointed. The filters are great for my food and for my fridges and our wastage is down to an all time low.

Ian and Matt

Chefs at The Rising Sun Thai, Poole

We were amazed to find that our fish is staying super fresh and in brilliant condition for 2 to 3 days longer with no smells. We are really impressed with how well our fridges are maintaining consistent temperatures throughout service.

Jim Hayward

Head Chef at Da Vinci’s Restaurant, The Quay, Poole

I was really pleased with the effect the filters had on fish, vegetables and herbs – they are definitely staying fresher for longer. My walk in is much colder and the temperature during service does not go up as high and it comes back down twice as quick. Our pizza bases do not dry out and they stay perfectly moist.

Keith and Dee

Proprietors at Topogigio Restaurant , High Street, Poole

Our fridges are colder and all odours have disappeared. The filters have eliminated a serious ice build up that we had on our walk in fridge compressor and all the excess moisture has gone. Our food is staying in perfect condition for longer.

Michael Purcell

HACCP Consultant in Ireland

My first experience with Humitech was when I discovered the amazing extra shelf life I had with fresh cauliflower and broccoli in my fridge. A staggering 3 weeks shelf life with the product remaining absolutely perfect. The whole feel of the fridge was different and you noticed a new cleanliness with practically no humidity in the walk through cold rooms. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product as a vital tool in HACCP implementation.

Outback Steakhouse

The cooler became more efficient. The initial temperature on the prime rib was 3 to 4 degrees lower than before. Overall, I feel this system has been a great advantage in maintaining freshness, temperature of products, cost savings on utility invoices, and prolonging the life of the walk-in compressors.

Ceasers Palace

Las Vegas

I was very surprised with the result after the HUMITECH filters were put in. Everything was much better; the cooler was much cooler and dryer. Everything would last much longer in my refrigerator.

Arden Group

Gelson’s Markets installed the humidity control filters in their walk-in refrigerator and our study showed that the compressors work an average of 1000 minutes less per week. The temperatures of the refrigerators were reduced by 2-4 degrees, resulting in energy cost savings of 1.5-2% per degree.

M Crowd Restaurant Group

I am the Executive Chef for the M Crowd Restaurant Group and recently we signed a national account agreement with Humitech to install their filters in all 23 locations. I wanted to thank Humitech for providing my restaurant with a fantastic product and service. The installation of the filter system has saved us money and provided us with fresher, longer lasting foods.

James Roger

Head Chef, The Clifton Arms Hotel, Lytham St Annes

‘Following the installation of the Humitech filters my three walk-in fridges are operating several degrees cooler and are also much fresher. All produce is lasting significantly longer, particularly the expensive fresh herbs, which have doubled their normal life. Meat is retaining much more of the juices giving a better cooked result and cream and chocolate desserts last much longer in perfect condition. The filters have made a massive improvement to our refrigeration.

David Tong

Head Chef, The Chequers Plaza Hotel, Blackpool

I was sceptical at first but within a week of installation I found my walk-in to be much cooler and odour-free. The Humitech filters have also significantly extended the lifetime of my soft fruits, vegetables and cold meats. I will be recommending this product to all the chefs I know.

Anthony Malone

Head Chef, The White Tower Restaurant, Blackpool Pleasure Beach

‘The Humitech filters have made a big improvement to our walk-in fridge. The odours have been eliminated and the temperature recovers a lot quicker than it used to. The fresh produce lasts several days longer in perfect condition. I have been particularly pleased with the improvements to the fresh herbs and fish. This is an excellent product, which I highly recommend to all restaurants.

Lawrence James

Head Chef, The Queens Hotel, Blackpool

The filters have provided a consistently lower temperature in our walk-in fridge and the temperature recovery time is excellent. The positive effect on the produce has been particularly noticeable on our chocolate and cream products, which are staying perfect much longer.


Restaurant Manager, Salvatore’s Ristorante, Kirkham, Lancashire

Our walk-in fridge is now a lot fresher and consistently cooler. The temperature recovery time is excellent. Our salads, fresh herbs and fish are lasting several days longer in perfect condition. We are very pleased with a big improvement in our fridge.

Tracey and Deano Heywood

Proprietors, The Briardene Hotel, Thornton Cleveleys

We are very pleased with the significant improvements we have seen in our fridges since the filters were installed. We had a problem with icing up of the produce, which has now been removed and our produce is lasting significantly longer. Chocolate and cream products are fresher and pastries are dryer.


Owner Manager, La Piazza Ristorante, Blackpool

The filters are excellent for Italian restaurants because they keep pasta and rice very fresh. Our fruit, vegetables and mushrooms have lasted particularly well. We are very pleased with the installation.

Adrian Fenton

Head Chef, The Midland Hotel, Morecambe

Within a few days we found that the Humitech filters had removed the odours from our walk-in fridge. The fridge is operating cooler and recovers temperature much quicker than before. Our produce whether raw, prepped or cooked stays much fresher for several days longer. This is an excellent product, which has made a significant difference to our refrigeration and I am happy to recommend Humitech to all hotels and restaurants.

Chris Dobson

Head Chef, Stirk House Hotel, Gisburn, Lancashire

Following the introduction of the Humitech filters we have noted more consistent temperatures in all our fridges, leading to a more stable environment for our produce. Moisture problems were eliminated very quickly and we now find that our pastries maintain their consistency and appearance much better. Raw meat retains juices, weight, colour and texture and we have been pleased to receive extra complimentary remarks from our clientele on the quality we produce. I am very pleased with the positive effect that this product has made and I believe it is an essential piece in achieving the highest quality standards in a restaurant environment.

Ryan Greene

Head Chef, The Pines Hotel, Chorley, Lancashire

Since having filters provided by Humitech I have seen a massive improvement in maintaining the quality and freshness of all produce. The shelf life has lasted much longer than without the filters, thus helping me to maintain the standard of food we serve in the hotel. The filters have dramatically reduced the moisture in the fridges and also helped regulate the temperature of all our fridges. I would recommend any food establishment to have these filters installed.


Head Chef, La Scala Restaurant, Clayton Le Dale, Lancashire

Following their introduction the filters quickly transformed the conditions inside our walk-in fridge. The fridge is now operating consistently cooler and there is no longer excess moisture on either our raw or prepped vegetables and salads. As an Italian restaurant we have been particularly pleased with the improvement in the condition of our dough, which is now softer and does not dry out. In fact I would say it stays in perfect condition. We have noticed also an improvement in hygiene with a significant reduction in odours. Our local EHO was also pleased to see the contribution the Humitech filters have made to our fridge. Both myself and the Second Chef, Nathan Lund, are pleased to recommend this product.

Derek Quelch

Executive Chef, The Goring Hotel

I am only too pleased to recommend this product. At first I thought this was another gimmick but once they were fitted I immediately saw the difference in my fridges. Less moisture, cooler fridges and no more ice, resulting in less breakdowns and improved reliability. The shelf life and quality of the produce is much, much better and for longer and there has been a noticeable reduction of fridge odours.

Chris Wilmot

Head Chef, The Ivory Regent Terrace, Sheffieldive

I am only too pleased to recommend this product. At first I thought this was another gimmick but once they were fitted I immediately saw the difference in my fridges. Less moisture, cooler fridges and no more ice, resulting in less breakdowns and improved reliability. The shelf life and quality of the produce is much, much better and for longer and there has been a noticeable reduction of fridge odours.

Keith Mawby Ltd Wholesalers

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables The Warehouse Barnsley

Since the filters have been installed, we have noticed a big drop in temperature, no
more ice build up, no slippery floors or wet surfaces. The produce is definitely
lasting longer.