All New”Anti-Bacterial”Filters now Guarantee A Safer Cleaner Fridge Always!!

Why the name – biosmart?

The word biology is formed by combining the Greek β?ος (bios), meaning “life”, and the suffix ‘-logy’, meaning “science of”, “knowledge of”, “study of”, based on the Greek verb λεγειν, ‘legein’ = “to select”, “to gather” The name biosmart is an appropriate name for our amazing range of “Humidity” and “Bacterial” control filters because the blend of natural minerals inside the filters were born out of nature, they were literally given “life by the creation and evolvement of our planet hence the first part of our name ‘BIO”.

This remarkable natural mineral has the most amazing story Born in the desert- but lives its life in a Fridge”. It’s major purpose isto regulate and control Humidity which of course has a dramatic effect on the control and proliferation of bacteria inside the fridge.In addition our biosmart family of filters have been engineered to kill off Staphylococcus and E.Coli should it come into contact with it in the fridge. Biosmart filters have been tested and proven under strict laboratory conditions to absorb up to 90% of the ethylene gas generated inside the fridge from fruits and vegetables every 24 hours. Acetic acid usually released from marinates and sauces held in the fridge can damage evaporator fans and create intense odours but our biosmart filters will extract 100% of this gas from the fridge inside an hour.

Extensive testing has shown that a working fridge fitted with Humitech biosmart filters will rid the fridge of practically all airborne bacteria. It will also control fungus and kill off all mould growth within the fridge. But that is only the beginning of the story because there are so many advantages to fitting these amazing biosmart filters in a normal fridge. You can read about how it works now by clicking on the appropriate link.

This brings us to the second part of the name “Smart” a word which everybody can immediately understand and identify with. We all have our own idea of what is and what is the not the smart thing to do in any situation. What is a smart product to buy or a smart choice to make when considering any option presented to us. Well in the world of refrigeration and food storage there is no smarter move, no smarter choice or no smarter product that you can buy for your fridge or freezer that will do so much for you. Remember there is absolutely no cost as the investment in the filters is recovered 2/3 times over each month.

When any fridge is fitted with our unique biosmart filters it will immediately turn colder, smell cleaner, have reduced compressor run time, defrost cycles will be reduced by up to 60% saving on energy running costs. Food will be fresher and last much longer, fridge temperature recovery time will be at least 50% less even with the door open for long periods. Maintenance bills will be drastically cut and in the event of a power cut the food will last up to 12hrs longer. The fridge itself will give years of extra service because it works less hard every day. Now that’s a lot of smart reasons to fit biosmart filters. But the smartest reason of all is to help bring down the carbon footprint of every restaurant and food service outlet on our planet. Wherever there is a fridge, biosmart filters will drastically reduce the carbon footprint while saving money for its owner, Now that’s a truly smart investment”