Humitechbiosmart fridge filters keep your fridges constantly colder, cleaner and fresher and removes bacteria by controlling excess humidity.

Try Humitechbiosmart Fridge Filters For The Foods Below



Keeps the lipids and proteins in the meat longer by keeping blood loss to a minimum in your fridge saving you big money on meat storage. Biosmart filters are currently the no 1 choice if you are storing aged beef in your walk-in fridge.



Mushrooms are generally a difficult produce to store in a fridge are they are very sensitive to humidity and start to turn brown quickly and also absorb the odours of surrounding produce. Biosmarrt filters keep mushroom fresher so much longer.



Biosmart filters are excellent for preserving the freshness of delicate herbs and greens as they require much more stable temperature and humidity control. Many chefs have reported substantial monthly savings after installing the filters.



You never see that scaling on fresh fish that is common in fridge storage, fish remain amazingly fresh looking and one chef described his fish after 3 days of fridge storage as just having leaped out of the water.



Chopped onions produce a volatile gas and a heavy odour that is easily absorbed by other foods in the fridge very often spoiling them. Biosmart filters absorb foul odours in the fridge preventing cross contamination of odours and bacteria.



Soft fruits such as Strawberries and Raspberries are very sensitive to both temperature and humidity and spoil easily. Biosmart filters rid the fridge of excess humidity keeping soft fruits fresher and preventing mould from spoiling this fruit.

Biosmart filters are working 24 hours a day every day to keep your fridges colder, cleaner and bacteria free.

They are reducing the running costs of your fridges by up to 25% of the energy normally used.

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